Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Morris Path

On Saturday, May 3, I participated in the Whitemarsh Art Center Plein Air/Paint Out.  It was a beautiful day for painting.  Corinne, the manager of the art center, let me borrow a day pass to the Morris Arboretum, where I painted the scene shown.  I was drawn to the area with blooming cherry trees.  For my reference, I took a photo of my palette when I was done.  The colors on my palette were as follows: white (mix of titanium and flake), ultramarine blue, cerulean, Payne's gray, Gamblin Portland gray deep, premixed gray at Munsell value 9, premixed ultramarine blue/white at Munsell value 8, viridian, permanent alizarin crimson, raw sienna, cadmium lemon yellow, yellow ochre pale, cadmium red light, manganese violet, plus a few other accent colors (cobalt violet deep, alizarin carmine and indanthrene violet).  I sketched the scene with cerulean blue acrylic ink.  The palette is 11" x 14" tempered glass, painted gray on the back.  The palette photo is shown below.
(c) 2014 Charles Snell.

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